Sunday after church, my sister in law texted me that a man was waiting to speak to me. I met him in my office and asked how I could help. “I know that I need to get right with the Lord,” he said. It’s not everyday that an opportunity to share the gospel is so open! At the same time, I wanted to know what circumstances led him to our church that morning.

He explained that he had been walking the night before when a woman stopped him. She knew him, but he didn’t immediately recognize her. “The Lord told me to tell you something,” she said. While he wanted to continue walking, she was persistent. While the man didn’t use this terminology, it was apparent that this woman shared the gospel.

The man left a little shaken, but proceeded home. By the time he woke up the next morning, the Holy Spirit had convicted him of his need to know God. He hopped on his bicycle and rode to the first church he could find.

I was privileged to use “The Three Circles” to share the gospel with this man. He admitted that his life was empty, and he was tired of trying of trying to live for himself. He wanted to live for the Lord. He prayed out loud asking for Jesus to be his Savior and Lord.

I can’t help but think where this man would be if it weren’t for the unknown saint who stopped him the night before. She wasn’t able to see him come to faith. She even faced initial rejection. But she was faithful to share the gospel. Now there is a brand new creation. A man destined to spend eternity – grasp that, eternity – apart from God is now a child of God.

I want to be like this godly woman. I want our church to have evangelism integrated into their daily lives. My dream – God’s will – is for gospel sharing to be baked into our church’s DNA. Make it your priority to learn how to share your faith and make it your habit to be so bold to talk to people about the gospel.


First Baptist Church is hosting a Gospel Conversation Training on Saturday, August 17 from 9a – 4p. You can learn how to start a conversation that leads to sharing the gospel and even put it into practice that very day. Registration is free and a lunch will be provided. Sign up at