I have no clue if it was intended, but the fact that Veterans Day so closely follows Election Day is a blessing. One thing the most recent election taught us is that our nation is deeply divided over some major issues. One thing Veterans Day reminds us is that brave men and women have served to unite us.

1. We can be united in our freedoms.  Those who serve our military have afforded us freedom that other nations don’t have.  We are more free than many other European nations because of the democratic republic in which we live.

2. We can be united in our honor.  Not all soldiers are honorable.  But the vast majority of men and women who serve our country deserve our respect.  They literally risk their lives for you.  They don’t know you and quite honestly may not even agree with you.  But they sacrifice anyway.

3. We can be united in our citizenship.  We are Americans.  We should be proud Americans.  I am not proud of everything our nation stands for nor do I condone much of the moral sin we participate in, but I am proud of the nation that was born out of religious freedom.  We can unite around our citizenship protected by our military.

America should not be an object of worship.  A “for God and country” mentality often turns into “for country and god.”  However we must avoid the opposite as believers as well.  God intends for us to respect and honor our nation and celebrate the government He has given to us.

We can worship God genuinely by showing respect to our military.  They can be symbols to us of God’s justice and grace.  Just as our military provides national freedom, God gives us freedom from sin and death through Christ.  We honor our military men and women for their sacrifices and in a greater way honor God who’s sacrifice of His son brings salvation.  And we celebrate our citizenship in America even as we look to our greater home in heaven.

Our military is not to be worshiped.  But they are to be honored as bearing the image of God in a unique way through their service.