Between Sundays

Discipling Disciplers

Where Are You God?

As the nations of Israel and Judah became increasingly more wicked, God punished them by having foreign enemies conquer them and remove them from their country. The Northern Kingdom (Israel) was dispersed and never recovered. These people were forever lost. The Southern Kingdom (Judah) endured extreme hardship during this time of exile.


How To Respond to “Happy Holidays”

'Tis the season to be offended.  If it's not that red cup from your favorite coffee shop it will be the audacity of a department store greeter wishing you happy holidays.  Your Christmas is sure to be ruined because of... Continue Reading →

Establishing a King

In our journey to Bethlehem, we have come to a place where the Hebrew people have been formed and freed. They are simply waiting for a land of their own. In the book of Joshua, God gives them this land. Joshua has some very important words for them before they settle in their new country. It has to do with who they will follow.

How Does Salvation Work?

I like to know the why behind the what. I am no expert on fixing appliances, but a dryer repair man saved me a lot of money a few years ago when he taught me how to change a dryer belt on my own. Between that knowledge and YouTube, I have repaired several different washing machines and dryers over the years. And I've realize that those appliances really aren't that complicated.

The Controversy of the Wise Men and Why It Matters

One of our favorite Christmas decorations is our Willow Tree Nativity set.  It took us several years to accumulate the entire set, but we have it all.  Well, almost all.  All we are missing from the collection are the three... Continue Reading →

Preparing The Way

The Life of Abraham is crucial to the coming of Jesus Christ. The events of his life can be found beginning in Genesis 12. Although we've only moved ahead nine chapters, a lot has taken place since Genesis 3. There are some who believe more time has passed between Genesis 3 and Genesis 12 than between Genesis 12 and today.

Principles for a Changing Culture

Niels Bohr, who won a Nobel Prize for physics, said, "Technology has advanced more in the last thirty years than in the previous two thousand.  The exponential increase in advancement will only continue."  Bohr never saw the internet or even... Continue Reading →

A Broken Journey

To understand the importance of the birth of Christ, you have to understand the need for His coming. Genesis 3 explains how sin entered into the world and the devastation it brought. But first, let us look at a key command that God gave Adam and Eve in Genesis 2.

Something To Unite Us

I have no clue if it was intended, but the fact that Veterans Day so closely follows Election Day is a blessing. One thing the most recent election taught us is that our nation is deeply divided over some major... Continue Reading →

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