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Discipling Disciplers



An Example of Discipleship

For three weeks, we will be discussing "Basic Discipleship."  If discipleship is a Biblical command, we must be constantly asking, "Who am I discipling?" and "Who is discipling me?"  If you would like some resources about how you can get... Continue Reading →

Who Is Jesus?

“Who do you say that I am?” - Matthew 16:15 As Jesus and the disciples entered Caesarea, Jesus asks them about His identity. We are unsure what prompted the questions. Luke tells us they were praying in private – perhaps... Continue Reading →

Where Are You God?

As the nations of Israel and Judah became increasingly more wicked, God punished them by having foreign enemies conquer them and remove them from their country. The Northern Kingdom (Israel) was dispersed and never recovered. These people were forever lost. The Southern Kingdom (Judah) endured extreme hardship during this time of exile.

Establishing a King

In our journey to Bethlehem, we have come to a place where the Hebrew people have been formed and freed. They are simply waiting for a land of their own. In the book of Joshua, God gives them this land. Joshua has some very important words for them before they settle in their new country. It has to do with who they will follow.

How Does Salvation Work?

I like to know the why behind the what. I am no expert on fixing appliances, but a dryer repair man saved me a lot of money a few years ago when he taught me how to change a dryer belt on my own. Between that knowledge and YouTube, I have repaired several different washing machines and dryers over the years. And I've realize that those appliances really aren't that complicated.

Preparing The Way

The Life of Abraham is crucial to the coming of Jesus Christ. The events of his life can be found beginning in Genesis 12. Although we've only moved ahead nine chapters, a lot has taken place since Genesis 3. There are some who believe more time has passed between Genesis 3 and Genesis 12 than between Genesis 12 and today.

A Broken Journey

To understand the importance of the birth of Christ, you have to understand the need for His coming. Genesis 3 explains how sin entered into the world and the devastation it brought. But first, let us look at a key command that God gave Adam and Eve in Genesis 2.

The Gospel of Experience

I'm thankful that our society puts a fairly high price on loving other people. (Secular society often is selective in who they love, but an overall responsibility to love others is nonetheless there.) Sadly in the past, churches have not... Continue Reading →

Formula for Spiritual Greatness

I am competitive in almost everything I do.  I admit to getting more than a little frustrated when my kids beat me at Candy Land.  (Come on!  There's no skill needed in that game AT ALL!)  And the more I... Continue Reading →

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